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Forestry Management

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Forestry Management Solution

Centralize your data and optimize your operations with our simple to use Forestry Management Software. Designed in association with leading Irish forestry companies this solution is designed to ensure that every aspect of your business is tracked and no lead, application or grant is ever neglected again.

Lead Management

Record each lead as they contact you, whether new business or someone you’ve talked to before. Assign responsibility to a Forester and the system will track progress with the lead and if its deferred for a couple of years will remind you to contact them at the right time.

Track Form Submission

Track all of your Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 submissions. Track submission and approval dates, have the system calculate and monitor expiry dates. The software will also track whether payments are received.

Record the species details and percentage GPC for each site and have the system automatically calculate details such as number of trees required.

Harvest Docket Processing

Record all harvesting details for each of Thinning 1, Thinning 2, Thinning 3 and Clearfell. All details are kept on the one project, so you can see a full history.

Each project phase has its own configuration so you can record exactly what’s agreed with the mills, the hauliers, the harvester and what estimate was given to the site owner.

Use these records to reconcile payments by the mill and to calculate what is owed to the site owner. Improve your cashflow projections by knowing what has been harvested, what will be paid and what you owe.

Felling Licence & Roads Approval

Record all of your licence and roads application. Have the system calculate follow up dates and remind you if you’ve not heard back.

Record your appeals and have the system automatically put a stay on jobs.

Put rules in place to notify you where problems are occurring or where licences are due to expire and work is not complete.

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