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Property Management

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Property Management Solution

Optimise Property Sales, Property Management or Property Rental operations with this easy to use CRM solution.   The Property Management solution has been designed in cooperation with leading Developers and comes packed with tools to organise, reduce administration costs and track what’s happening across the property portfolio.

Key Benefits

  • Centralise all data
  • Automate workflows
  • Provide a portal to partners
  • See real time metrics
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Available anywhere, any time

Everything in one place

Store all Property, Purchaser or Tenant information in the one place.    Save all communications exchanged, store emails, note all phone calls and save all documents for future reference. Use the quick search function to find individual properties or people.     Find categories of properties or people at the touch of a button.

Permanent, secure and easily retrievable storage for all business information.    Ensure the organisation is GDPR compliant

Automated workflows

Configure tasks for assignment based on operational events.  

For any event, for example when a property becomes ‘Sale Agreed’ or ‘Contracts Exchanged’, a set of tasks can be automatically generated and assigned to team members.

Where 3rd parties, such as Solicitors or Sales Agents should be assigned tasks then an email can be sent informing them of the actions required.

Track Purchaser / Tenant Requirements

Track any extras requested by Purchasers, ensure that these are communicated to site, billed correctly and included on any customer statements.


  • Any issues raised by tenants;
  • Keep a record of logged issues;
  • Manage whether logged issues are in warranty or not;
  • Record maintenance history for property fixtures;

Keeping you informed

Configure the system to watch for activity or to highlight issues with properties.   Have it trigger notifications internally or to 3rd parties when issues occur.   Use colour rules to highlight records within the system.

Use the Dashboard functionality to get a real-time view of what’s happening.

Bespoke reports can be created to match the existing stakeholder reports.   The application provides comprehensive reporting functionality that will meet all business needs.

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