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Industries we support

Acclivity CRM has become the preferred partner of choice to a diverse range of industry sectors. Our CRM solutions allow us to quickly customise to fit any industry, while developing specific industry solutions which are focused on the individual needs of these sectors. Our solutions allow collaboration across all departments in a business. Below are examples of industries we engage with on CRM solutions.

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& Development

Convert bids into profitable contracts and deliver projects on budget and on time. Proactively manage the HSEQ for your sites. Record sub-contractor and employee training, certifications, and insurance documentation. Manage site inspections, record incidents, and provide online inductions.

Property Portfolio Management Acclivity1

Property Portfolio

Manage all your property developments from pre-sale through to handover. Assign tasks at each stage of the process and track outstanding work. Track issues to closure and manage responsibility within the system. Real-time view of progress across all your sites & improved sales completion.

Property Portfolio Management Acclivity1
Female Electronics Factory Workers low res

Engineering &

Shorten the sales cycle with proactive management of your entire sales pipeline. Master your daily influx of support and service requests. Keep the sales team focused on the prospects that matter and ensure a consistent approach to all sales. Bring structure to the sales process and use increased visibility to better manage the sales team and improve sales.

forestry management


Keep track of all projects, reduce administration costs and gain visibility of what’s happening in the business. Manage leads and assign for follow up. Track Form 1, 2 & 3 grants to payment. Track licences & appeals to completion. Record all Harvest Dockets, tracking what’s paid and what’s owed to your customers to better manage cashflow. Have full transparency in your operations

forestry management
advisor 1


Consistently deliver exceptional service with an easy-to-use solution designed to make your business run seamlessly. Record all your customer interactions and ensure compliance by securely storing all details shared. Gain visibility of key metrics across all business lines & improve focus on what matters. Standardise data and reporting using rule and easily merge data across records. Track client calls and emails.



Acquire and retain more customers with Maximizer’s easy-to-use CRM designed specifically for service providers and at one simple price. Automate your marketing and sales force, manage customer service, track emails, and much more — from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Plus, easily connect with your other critical business apps.



Out Of The Box Solution Acclivity CRM

Out Of The Box Solution

It is an out-of-the-box solution that we will fully customise and configure to tailor-fit into your business, to automate your processes and workflows. Inclusive of the tools/modules for contact, sales, marketing and customer service.

Contact Information Centric Acclivity CRM

Contact & Information-Centric

The solution is contact and information-centric. Every interaction between the company, staff, and contact is recorded and archived against the client entry including communications, documents, activities, etc.

Single Front End Solution Acclivity CRM

Single Front End Solution

A single front-end solution is a single source of truth for the entire business to use by all staff and departments including management, operations, administration, sales, marketing, accounts and customer service.

Full Accessibility Acclivity CRM

Full Accessibility

All the contact details and information is accessible anytime, anywhere, 24/7. From the office, at home, on the road or at a client’s site with real-time live data. Use the fully functional mobile app on any smart phone.

Full Reporting Acclivity CRM

Full Reporting

Included are dashboards and excel reports which can be edited to use the precise data you require to have real visibility and a 360° view of what is happening inside the company and with the business. Manage KPIs and check results against targets. Identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps.

Sales Management Acclivity CRM

Sales Management

Increase sales and reduce sales cycles. Manage every opportunity from lead to close using automated action plans to take you through the sales process. Know what and when deals are closing. Have pipeline and forecast to predict revenue accurately.

Empower Staff Acclivity CRM

Empower Staff

Ensure staff are consistent and professional. They can provide a personal service to clients. Reduce time and cost with daily administrative costs. Share and collaborate information, notes, and calendars.

Affordable Acclivity CRM


One of the most economical, flexible and comprehensive platforms on the market. No hidden costs for add-ons. A real return on investment.

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