Acclivity CRM providing adaptability
to meet the evolving business environment.

Our Product Portfolio

Acclivity CRM provides a range of product solutions that meet the requirements of diverse businesses and organisations. Our solutions provide our clients the adaptability to meet the needs of their evolving business environment.

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Maximizer is an intuitive, easy-to-use, and fully customisable CRM solution. It allows you to manage customer details, track new opportunities, and scale sustainably. It provides a single front-end which captures all communications and interactions with every contact across all operations of the business. It allows you to turn sales insights & customer information into rapid revenue growth.

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Our Sub-Contractor CRM allows you to manage all your interactions with third parties and sub-contractors. It captures the details of the sub-contractor and their staff, records all insurance, training, health and safety documentation, and provides all the support needed to run a safe site. It meets your regulatory and insurance requirements, ensuring all staff on site are fully inducted, trained and certified.

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Learning Management Systems

Acclivity CRM provides an end-to-end learning management system that delivers high quality training results. Our platform is simpler and more cost effective than Moodle, or other major providers, and can deliver your online education requirements quickly and with minimum effort on your behalf. Our low cost subscription model allows you to start training with minimum investment.

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Acclivity CRM offers integration services to bring your third-party software and platforms together with our solutions. Meet your GDPR obligations by centralising your data and facilitate remote working by ensuring all of your data is available anywhere, anytime. A fully integrated operation increases efficiency and reduces key-strokes by ensuring a smooth flow of data through all your systems.

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To understand how our product solutions will make a positive impact on your business, book your free consultation and demonstration today.

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