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About Learning Management System (LMS)

Acclivity CRM provides an end-to-end learning management system that delivers high quality training results. It is simpler and more cost effective than Moodle, or other major providers, and can deliver your online education requirements quickly and with minimum effort on your behalf. Our platform supports a wide range of delivery requirements and fully integrates with Maximizer CRM.


Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Provide a flexible way of delivering your course of study, combining online aspects with in-classroom experience to allow for an accessible learning style. Integrate digital tools, techniques and materials with the physical classroom.

Inhouse Training

Inhouse Training

Deliver professional development and advancement. Measure staff engagement against set goals. Facilitate study anywhere, anytime.



Deliver an onboarding strategy with an LMS that accelerates new-hire success, onboarding employees and contractors faster through a centralised solution, while recording who has completed what training.

sell online

Sell Online

Monitise your content by offering it for sale from your website. Offer teaser courses, set payment plans, process payments or track usage for invoicing. Provide a social learning environment, earn revenue and build a loyal customer base.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Customisable sales, enrolment, and student reports to view and download the data you care about. Monitor learners progression through the course.

Learn at Leisure

Learn At Leisure

Students are able to access their courses 24/7. Whether it’s on the bus during a coffee break, or setting aside half an hour at their desk, there are significant time savings for them and for you.x


We provide a fully hosted, white labelled LMS service
and will help you customise to your brand’s look and feel.

Course structure Acclivity CRM 1

Course Structure

Complete flexibility to develop the course structure that works for you. Courses can be individual or combined into a programme, with certificates issued upon completion.

Quizzes Assignments Acclivity CRM 1

Quizzes & Assignments

Reinforce learning, test comprehension and create graded exams to ensure your course participants are understanding your content. Numerous types of quizzes and assignments available.

Proactive Engagement Acclivity CRM 1

Proactive Engagement

There are many tools available to build engagement with your learners. Forms, personalised nudges, achievement badges, social learning, certificates, and private coaching.

Reporting Analytics Acclivity CRM 1

Reporting & Analytics

Course analytics provide data that can help you increase course participant engagement by offering insights on how individuals are interacting with course materials.

Mobile Friendly Acclivity CRM 1

Mobile Friendly

Responsive mobile friendly design so your website looks great on mobile, tablet, desktop, and big screens.

Progress Tracking Acclivity CRM 1

Progress Tracking

Access to reports, exam completion rates, training histories, and course progress. Gain insights into your students’ performance.

“The Covid19 pandemic has accelerated an existing trend for organisations to adopt continuous talent management processes & technologies. In particular coaching, engagement, learning and development processes are evolving to facilitate more informal and fluid interactions”.

– Oliver O’ Kelly, CEO Acclivity CRM

Benefits of Learning Management System

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Easy To Use

Our LMS platform aims to make learning an appealing and simple experience for your course participants. It is quick and easy to set up and manage courses.

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Cloud Hosting

Deliver an engaging learning experience across the globe. Simply login for an instant connection from anywhere. No concerns with managing the platform.

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Personalised Branding

Your LMS platform will proactively promote your brand with a personalised URL, your logo, colour scheme and your core values.

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Quick To Deploy

Our team will work collaboratively with you to deploy your new learning management system within weeks.

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Enhanced Learner Engagement

Our LMS offers a number of different approaches to training, which result in students getting great value from the course.

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Our LMS encourages collaboration between the students enrolled in a course and their tutors, so they can share and discuss their ideas.

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