What Our Customers Say

“Acclivity CRM and the Maximizer tool have become an important part of the Women’s Mini Marathon operations. All our data is now fully integrated and live in this CRM, which means our teams have immediate access to all our event and participant information both in our office and remotely. This results in a more transparent, professional and structured approach to event operations and communicating with our participants and stakeholders. We are benefiting from the solution across our entire business.”

David O’ Leary

General Manager, DSD Events

“Acclivity CRM quickly identified our need for a fully integrated solution which would enable us to manage and monitor our residential development sites and oversee the construction process more efficiently. We have been very impressed with the team’s ability to customise the solution to our evolving needs. From the initial contact through to the smooth onboard process, the level of expertise, proactive engagement, and competitive costing we experienced with the Acclivity CRM team totally exceeded our expectations.”

Enda Higgins, Marketing & Communications Manager

D|RES Properties

“From setting it up, there was minimal training required, so there was little or no downtime, and the system is very user-friendly. We have our solution integrated with Microsoft Word and Outlook and again, there were no issues in implementing this.”

Debbie Reid, Office Manager

Miskimmin Taylor

“With Maximizer CRM, at any given time our managers can just click a button to see the key metrics they need, as opposed to someone manually creating graphs and charts that could take days.”

Barb Wilhelm, Communications & Marketing

Roberts Onsite

“Maximzer is the sales and operations backbone of our company that’s enabling us to provide a seamless experience to our clients throughout each of their life stages.”

Matt Welykholowa, VP Operations

Thrive Wealth Management

“Maximizer CRM has helped us map our sales process from lead capture to opportunity level for the most targeted follow-up activities that consisently bring in sale after sale.”

Marc Allard, Chief Executive Officer

Processia Solutions

“At Sterling, we are committed to best practices, and Maximizer’s CRM helps support that.”

Nelson Cheng, CEO

Sterling Mutuals

What Our Clients Say

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