Enhance your business efficiency
by integrating your systems.

About Integrated Services

Acclivity CRM offers integration services to bring your third-party solutions and platforms together with our solutions. This increases efficiency and reduces key-strokes by ensuring a smooth flow of data through all your systems. With our integrations with key business apps and features you can view everything a customer does in and outside of our CRM. By integrating all your systems together your business data becomes visible across your business, increasing productivity by reducing the effort to capture disparate streams of information and providing a single source of truth.

Examples of Integrations

Accounts Systems Acclivity CRM 1

Accounts Systems

Create sales orders, invoices or job records in your accounts system as Opportunities are won in Maximizer. Save rekeying and speed up invoicing by posting data directly as an order is received.

Enhanced Communication Acclivity CRM 1

Enhanced Communication

Have our system transmit emails and/or SMS to your contacts when events occur in the system or they miss a deadline. Set up sales opportunities and tasks in Maximizer CRM from Outlook and Gmail. Integrate with your telephony systems.

Learning Management System Acclivity CRM 1

Learning Management System

Automatically enrol customers or staff on your courses from within the CRM. Generate their login details and send on by SMS. Have the CRM updated as they complete their learning objectives.

Microsoft Integration Acclivity CRM 1

Microsoft Integration

Create Word templates and apply them to contacts for emails, invoices and proposals. Effortlessly shift CRM data into Excel for reports, quoting, record-keeping and sharing. Store CRM documents on OneDrive or SharePoint, and automatically organise them by the customer’s name.

ERP Integration Acclivity CRM 1

ERP Integration

Synchronise common points of data that will help to streamline and automate business processes. Bring together contact and account management, quote and order management, sales, order history and payments. Have it all at your fingertips.

Business Intelligence Acclivity CRM 1

Business Intelligence

Use built-in business intelligence and analytics to see the big picture and the fine details in minutes, not days. Save time with software that guides you on what to do next and when. Make informed decisions fast.

To understand how our product solutions will make a positive impact on your business, book your free consultation and demonstration today.

Benefits of Integrate Services

Integrated Services Acclivity 1

Increased Efficiency

Let your staff focus on dealing with your information, not keying it into systems.

Integrated Services Acclivity 1

Better Quality

Remove user error from the equation and reduce the level of rework when corrections are needed.

Integrated Services Acclivity 1

Better Visibility

Bring all your data into one central location where you have full visibility and gain a good understanding of what is happening.

Integrated Services Acclivity 1

More Speed

Instant access to the data in your business, not waiting for reports to be forwarded to you or for the end of month catch up.

Integrated Services Acclivity 1


Automated processes ensure that users are consistent in the way they manage contacts, actions and interactions, in a professional manner.

Integrated Services Acclivity 1


Capture every interaction, communication, documentation, activities etc., against the contact record. View appointments, tasks, activities and events. Invites can be sent to others or tasks assigned to others.

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