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Professional Services

Acquire and retain more customers with our easy-to-use CRM designed specifically service providers and at one simple price. Automate your marketing and sales force, manage customer service, track emails, and much more — from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Plus, easily connect with your other critical business apps.


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Sales Force Pipeline Management

Shorten the sales cycle with proactive management of your entire sales pipeline. Personalise each stage in moments and add as many steps as you need — and see your entire pipeline process at a glance.

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Sales Forecasting

Personalise the way you consume sales information with intuitive sales force reports. Track critical metrics like probability of close. Perform weighted and unweighted forecasts, and anticipate revenues based on team, territory, channel or rep.

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Lead Management

Ensure no sales opportunity goes to waste with automated lead management. Track the status and source of every lead — and route leads by specific territory or agent while the prospect is still warm.

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Get Organised

Store all your contacts, notes and key documents in one place — and never waste time hunting down a communication again. Perform quick searches by company affiliation or case number while on the phone. And recall favourite searches at a click.

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Action Plans

Action plans allow repeat processes to be easily set up, such as follow-up appointments and tasks with automatic reminders sent to the right people at the right time.

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Business Intelligence

Access timely, accurate insights through visual dashboards, in-depth metrics, and reports. View the sales, marketing and customer service information you need to manage day-to-day operations, refine processes, resolve potential issues and leverage opportunities.



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