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Companies in the construction industry typically deal with a huge number of clients and suppliers. Traditionally companies would collect masses of documents and must adhere to compliance and administrative tasks. A sound CRM system is not only beneficial but necessary for the effective management of relationships with these partners and compliance.


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Quota Management

Ideal for project managers and sales teams, whether they’re supplying building materials, engineering, contracting or architecture. At a glance reports and visual dashboards help keep sales teams motivated, focused and accountable.

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Gain a competitive advantage by automating critical business processes. Workflow automation can manage administrative and set-up tasks automatically, reduce errors and prevent tasks from falling through the cracks.

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Manage HSEQ For Your Site

Record sub-contractor and employee training, certifications, insurance and all other relevant details. Manage site inspections, record incidents, provide online inductions. Ensure that your sites are as safe as possible and produce detailed reporting to support continuous improvement.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Access all the relevant information regarding clients and projects anytime, anywhere, 24/7. While at home, in the office or onsite, important information can be accessed quickly. Enhance productivity and business decision-making with accurate, real time data.

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Workflow Monitoring

Monitor all the stages of a construction project, the people involved, and the key objectives. A single front end that captures every communication, document, interaction between your business and every contact you deal with against the contact’s record.

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Sales Process

Shorten the sales cycle with intuitive, proactive management of the entire sales pipeline. Personalise the stages in the sales process from marketing of property, to selling and handover to vendor, and after sales service. See at a glance where you are at each stage.



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