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About Maximizer

Maximizer is an out-of-the-box platform that is fully configurable and customisable, and tailored to fit any business or organisation. A CRM solution inclusive of Contact, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Management tools. It is used across the entire company by all departments and staff: management, operations, administration, sales, marketing, accounts and customer service.

In an ever-increasing competitive marketplace, predictable growth is essential to the success of any business. Maximizer is a CRM solution designed to help you grow with confidence by using tools to streamline your processes, so your marketing and sales teams can focus on nurturing your most profitable relationships. A fully comprehensive solution that is economical offers a real return on investment, all for a low monthly fee.


Contact Management

Contact Management

Manage every interaction between your company and every contact. Communication, Documents, Activities, Events. Have the entire history of your contacts at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere. 24/7/365. In the office, at home or on the road.

Sales Management

Sales Management

Manage your entire sales process from end to end. Know at what stage each opportunity is at. Have clear visibility on your pipeline. Reduce your sales cycle and increase your win rate. Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Manage all your marketing activities and campaigns. Identify a specific targeted audience to ensure only the right and relevant information is distributed to them. Compile statistics on the success of your campaigns.

Client Management

Service Management

Enhance your client experience by understanding them, their behaviour, and their requirements. Ensure you action any issues quickly and resolve satisfactorily. Generate case tickets, manage cases, monitor progress and escalate where required.


Acclivity CRM’s approach to every project is to offer the flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of all our clients.

Full Accessibility Acclivity CRM

Easy To Implement

Maximiser is designed for all users to manage their own experience, define their forms and set up their dashboards and reports. Use of quick search tools and favourite search lists help to manage your workday, prioritise your tasks and view several calendars.


Streamline Lead Management

The leads module in Maximizer has been specifically designed to bring clarity to your sales processes. The clean, easy-to-use workspace will help you sort your leads from hot prospects to existing customers without impacting the quality of your existing customer database.

Full Visibility Of Opportunities Acclivity CRM

Full Visibility Of Opportunities

The opportunities module in Maximizer provides visibility into your pipeline for complete control over the sales process. It can be completely customised to your own business processes and visual dashboards provide easy to read snapshots into how your teams are performing.

Single View Of Your Customer Acclivity CRM

Single View Of Your Customer

Maximizer is setup to give you a single view of your customer in an easy-to-view interface. Automatic audit trails provide a record of every single piece of activity against a customer and the customisable tab allows you to view only the information that is important to you.

Case Management Acclivity CRM

Case Management

Easily raise resolution tickets, complete with case numbers, product categories, assignments and other details that are fully searchable for quick access. Use alerts and notifications for faster response time and escalation of more serious issues to subject matter experts.

Dashboards Reports Acclivity CRM

Dashboards & Reports

Track your team performance across key metrics with pre-built dashboards and reports. Be able to create and customise them to suit your needs and use the intelligence to improve service levels and speed of response over time.


Customisable Reporting

Maximizer contains reports that can be fully configured to your business. Identify opportunities, trends, revenue streams in your customer base, then quickly and easily display them in visual dashboards.

Empower Staff Acclivity CRM

Service Level Insight

Track team performance across key metrics with pre-built dashboards and customisable reports and use the intelligence to improve service levels and speed of response over time.

To understand how our product solutions will make a positive impact on your business, book your free consultation and demonstration today.

Benefits of Maximizer

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Increased Sales

Manage you entire sales process from start to end. Follow up enquires while still hot and never miss an opportunity. Use automated action plans based on known winning strategy to ensure each stage of the sales process is followed.

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360° Oversight

Have up to date, live insights into what is happening in the business with dashboards and Excel reports. View your pipeline, use KPIs and metrices to motivate teams and performance. Have full management reporting capabilities and data analysis.

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Automate Workflows

Workflows tailored to the way you work. Empower sales team to be focused. Understand client behaviour and identify upsell and cross sell opportunities.

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Integrate with Gmail or Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel & SharePoint), MailChimp and many more through the App Directory. Integrate with 3rd party platforms such as ERP and Finance.

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Predictable Cost

All-inclusive licence at one low, monthly predictable cost. Includes hosting, security & backups. Free upgrades, new releases and versions.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Accessible 24/7. In the office, at home, on the road on or-site. Use the fully functional mobile app in the palm of your hand

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Enhanced Productivity

Reduce time and cost associated with daily administrative tasks. Ensure consistency and professionalism. Empower your teams to be focused with the tools they need to be efficient.

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Activity Management

Plan and manage your daily activities, know what you need to do and prioritise tasks and to-dos. Stay on focus with what really counts towards revenue generation. Manage and share your calendar.

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