We help to manage forest establishments,
forestry planning and harvesting.

About Forestry Management

Centralise your data and optimise your operations with our simple to use Forestry Management software. Importantly, keep track of all projects, reduce administration costs and gain visibility of what is happening in your business. Designed in association with leading Irish forestry companies this solution ensures that every aspect of your business is tracked and no lead, application or grant is ever neglected again.


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Lead Management

Record each lead received from an existing prospect or a new opportunity. Assign responsibility to a forester and the system will automatically track progress with the lead. Schedule reminders on deferred projects and assign follow ups for team members.

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Grant Applications

Managing the grant process can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring large volumes of paperwork and documents to be processed. Have complete oversight of the whole application process from tracking the various stages to delivery of grants. Reduce time and cost with working the process from application through to the delivery decision.

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Form Submission Tracking

Track submission and approval dates, have the system calculate and monitor expiry dates. Record the species details and percentage GPC for each site and calculate details such as number of trees required. The software will also track whether payments are received.

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Harvest Document Processing

Record all details for each harvesting operation. All details are stored on individual projects, ensuring full transparency around activities. Each project phase has its own configuration, allowing you to record exactly what’s agreed with the mills, hauliers and harvesters, and oversee site owner estimates and reconcile payments.

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Felling License & Roads Approval

Record all of your licence and roads applications in accordance with current legislation. Automate follow up with relevant Government departments for status updates. Record your appeals and have the system automatically put a stay on jobs. Identify problem areas, licence expiry dates and where work is incomplete.

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Weighbridge Inputs

Receive data from a weigh bridge as loads arrive or depart. Link these to your harvest records to remove keying and ensure accuracy.



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