Drive efficiency across your
production and sales.

About Engineering & Sales

Acclivity CRM provides an out-of-the-box engineering and sales solutions, that is functional and feature rich. Configurable and customised to fit any business. It manages your processes from forecasting, quotations, orders to customer account management.


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Sales Pipeline Management

Shorten the sales cycle with intuitive, proactive management of the entire sales pipeline. Personalise the stages in the sales process. See at a glance where you are at each stage.

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Contact Management

Have all your contacts, notes, documents and history of interaction between the business and contacts in one place. Be able to perform quick searches by specific data or information. And create favourite searches at a click.

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Customer Service

Maximise satisfaction and drive repeat business with customer support and case management tools that help resolve issues quickly. Use the knowledge base to share successful solutions as well as product-specific details across your team. Ensure every interaction is resolved efficiently regardless of source by tracking case assignments and escalations.

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Dashboards and Reports

Get real-time visibility into performance across service, sales and support. Easy to understand information through a graphical dashboard personalised with your chosen metrics. View real-time snapshots of your service responsiveness.

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Action Plans

Standardise your processes to use known success plans, promote consistency and best practice with re-useable action plan templates. Customise templates with unlimited appointments, to-dos and reminders. Then apply them to a user or opportunity.

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Document Library

Have a central repository for all your documents, information, marketing material, and templates in one location. Eliminate time on retrieving and sending.



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