Women’s Mini Marathon Case Study

Key outcomes

  • Improved visibility of event participants& stakeholders
  • Improved overall quality of data
  • Improved event participants experience

The Challenge

The Women’s Mini Marathon stored their data across multiple systems and spreadsheets that were not integrated. All marathon participant details were stored on booking engines for each individual event and various processes were managed by several departments primarily through Excel.

In addition, the team was managing a large volume of customer service queries via email, through one shared mailbox, and there was no structured way of identifying and managing outstanding queries. Stakeholder and interest parties data was stored in the email marketing system and spreadsheets. The Women’s Mini Marathon was processing a large volume of data and required a centraldata depository that was flexible and had easy access for all users.

Speaking on the challenges experienced David O’ Leary, General Manager states “We could easily access the details of participants for any event but were unable to gain an overview of an individual participant. We could not tell who booked frequently, what marketing materials they had been sent or any other interactions from a customer service perspective that our teams had withthat individual.”

The Solution

The Women’s Mini Marathon sourced Acclivity CRM to set up a solution to consolidate all data into a single place, allowing all users to have access to data in real time. All participant and stakeholder details, events history, customer service interactions and marketing engagement were to be consolidated. In addition, the organisation wanted to have a full overview of events booked and the number of events booked by individuals. By integrating the website’s booking engine with Maximizer, the organisation’s data was captured in real time. This resulted in a new event for an existing contact being added to the CRM or, if a new participant, a new contact would be created. This allowed the team to understand the number of events a participant had registered for.

“Our event team now documents every interaction they have with a participant or stakeholder in one place which creates one ‘shared truth’ about that individual which is visible to our entire team. Maximizer and the Acclivity CRM team have become an important tool to our organisation,” says O’ Leary.”


Since implementing Maximizer CRM the overall visibility of event participantsand stakeholders has improved substantially. The integration to Mailchimp has enabled the Women’s Mini Marathon to set up automated emails based on signup and segment their audience for marketing. It gives an overview of what participants have been sent and how they interacted with the communications.

Through the use of ’email listening’ Maximizer creates a customer service case for all emails received into the support email. Cases now can be assigned, responded to, tracked and resolved all within Maximizer so all the teams have an overview of what has happened and the status of each case.

The Women’s Mini Marathon can now send an automatic export of basic details for participants to its partner who is supplying them with a Race App. Once individuals sign up for an event, they will get an automatic invitation email to register for the race app.

The successful implementation of Maximizer was also dependent on the depth of knowledge and experience of the Acclivity CRM team, who guided the company throughout the process.

About Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon

The Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon is an annual 10k charity road race which occurs each June bank holiday weekend in Dublin, Ireland. It’s inaugural event was held in 1983 with 9,000 women entering and has grown to over 1.06 million women entering over its 37 years. Hundreds of charities have benefited, as the women participating decide which charity they will support and many local causes gain vital funds from the event. It is now the largest one-day charity event in the country. For more information click here.

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